The Women's Resource  

The Women's Resource Center in Houston aims to help women become more productive, financially stable, and independent. The organization offers a number of programs designed to help girls and women achieve those goals and improve their lives. Ultimately, the Women's Resource Center hopes to give the women it serves better lives, improving their personal well-being and the health of their families.

About the Women's Resource Center

The Women's Resource Center was established in the 1990s and began providing grants shortly after. The organization also conducted research on issues that affected women and girls in the Houston area. In addition to providing grants, the Women's Resource Center simultaneously started to offer free educational courses for local women to help them improve their personal finances. Over the next decade, the Women's Resource Center adjusted its program to include a broader range of courses and training.

The Women's Resource


Today, the organization offers a number of programs for women and teenagers.


The Road to Independence, Success and Empowerment (RISE) program is a program designed for teenagers. RISE provides financial education courses to high school students to help them understand their finances and make wise choices regarding their own financial situations. The program offers a variety of courses in financial literacy, including personal banking, savings, and budgeting. RISE! also provides young women with information on college preparation and preparing for success in the business world.

YourLife Finance Courses

A similar program is offered to adult women, which is called YourLife Finance. This program includes six courses that help women understand and manage their finances in a responsible and productive manner. Courses are also held in multiple locations for convenience.

YourLife Coaching Courses

YourLife Coaching Courses provide women with financial coaches to give them the tools, resources, and encouragement required to manage their finances and, in turn, become more financially independent. The course aims to help women improve their credit scores and understand the benefits of account savings, including saving money towards meeting a personal goal.

YourLife Possibility Program

The YourLife Possibility Program consists of classes for groups of 12-15 women. The women meet over nine weeks to collectively set financial goals and improve their financial situations. The group generally works to establish savings, better credit, and eliminate debt.