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Car owners often want to improve the quality and appeal of their vehicle once they're ready to sell it to ensure that they make more of a profit. Although you may not be able to change the model or year of the car, other factors can influence its overall value. If you want to boost the resale value as you get ready to sell it, there are a few main steps to take to increase its price.

  1. Adding Different Options and Features
    One way to improve the value of your car is to add tech or entertainment accessories. For example, your car may have an AM/FM radio with a CD player. You might consider installing modern features such as a radio with Bluetooth and USB connection capabilities. With modern features included, it'll be easier to negotiate a higher price once you find a buyer who is interested. Knowing your audience will make it easier to determine if you should install a DVD player in the back seat or a new sound system. Understand their needs, depending on the type of buyer you're trying to attract.

  2. Perform Easy Fixes
    Perform easy fixes to improve the performance of the car and keep it running well as you're getting ready to sell it. Spend a few dollars to replace a bulb on the tail light of the vehicle or add extra grease to the doors if they squeak when they open and close. You can also replace worn brakes or add new tires to increase the overall quality of the car.

  3. Improve the Look of the Car
    Your car's appearance has a significant influence on what it's worth, making it necessary to increase its value with a few exterior improvements. Take the car to an auto body shop to remove dents or scuffs that are on the body of the vehicle. You may also want to replace the windshield if there's a large crack or multiple chips that are present. Adding a new coat of paint can also allow the car to look newer and maintained well to create a flawless exterior.

  4. Check the VIN Report
    It's important to know the complete history of your car when trying to sell it to potential buyers. Make it a point to check the VIN report to get a full report of accidents or change of ownership. If there are any errors, you'll want to report them to have them removed to ensure that it's easier to sell the car.

  5. Control the Mileage
    One of the main factors that determine if a buyer is interested in the vehicle that you're selling is the mileage. Your annual mileage should be no more than 13,500 each year. Driving more than 13,500 miles can affect the value of the car based on its age. Driving even less can allow it to depreciate at a slower rate and will make it more desirable for buyers. Keep your driving to a minimum and avoid taking the car out on long drives or road trips when you're getting ready to sell it.

If you want to learn more about how to boost your car's resale value, contact Joe Myers Mazda to speak to an expert. We'll provide you with more information and can also assist you with browsing our extensive inventory of cars on the lot.

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