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The SkyActiv® engine is the world's first gasoline engine for mass-produced vehicles with a high compression ratio. By producing more energy from the fuel, it improves the energy efficiency of the engine, and it also provides more torque. The SkyActiv® engine is also the world's first compression-ignition gasoline engine.

What Does It Mean To Have a High Compression Ratio?

The most distinctive element of Mazda's SkyActiv® engines is undoubtedly the 14:1 compression ratio. Mazda's SkyActiv® engines are trying to match diesel engines with fuel efficiency but not pollution. Therefore, the SkyActiv® gas engine adopts some of the features of diesel engines. The promises of this new engine are therefore numerous.

While conventional gasoline engines hardly exceed a 12:1 compression ratio, diesel engines can easily handle 18:1 and up. Also, Mazda is the first automaker to use very high strength steel in the hulls of its vehicles. Also, the exhaust system has also been improved to improve airflow, making the engine even more efficient.

How Does This Engine Effect My Fuel Economy?

With its continuous technical advances, Mazda has managed to reduce the consumption of its gasoline engines by 40% in the space of a decade. It's a small revolution in the world of automotive engineering. Motors and transmissions are therefore at the heart of the SkyActiv® technology.

This engine also brings together the improvements made on chassis, transmissions, and motors. In any case, it comes at the right time when diesel is selling less and less, unlike gasoline. Mazda plans to find the point where the fuel mix is perfect and where the compression allows just enough heat to explode the fuel mixture in a controlled environment. Also, Mazda equips all the engines of the SkyActiv® series with a volumetric compressor, a technology that has proved its effectiveness through the years.

Thus, Mazda has announced that it has produced the first compression-ignition gasoline engine in history. To build the SkyActiv® system, Mazda has integrated all the best components of modern transmissions to achieve smooth acceleration, smooth shifting and the precise response of a manual gearbox. To avoid the inconvenience associated with the unprecedented pressure in a petrol engine, particularly the rattling, Mazda has also designed a suitable combustion chamber and developed a new injection system.

Are These Engines Environment Friendly?

SkyActiv® engines are also clean devices. Despite the fact that a few diesel motors have experienced a bit of harmful press in modern times, Mazda has secured conformity for all relevant specifications with its SkyActiv® engineering. Mazda also hopes that its new technology will allow it to aim higher. When it comes to safety, the speed of reaction and the stability are two essential elements of a vehicle's performance.

In the minds of many customers, the electric engine is very safe because there is no exhaust pipe, and taxation and legislation reinforce this view. Therefore, many believe the electric motor is the path that the industry should take. However, the SkyActiv® engine can mimic many of the benefits of electric motors, such as low emissions. The SkyActiv® engine also improves the efficiency of the water pump and the oil pump, as well as reducing friction in the connecting rods, pistons, and crankshaft.

The Japanese manufacturer opens the era of the gasoline engine with compression ignition. This engine is now possible by optimizing the shape and characteristics of the engine and by using the right materials. With an impressive level of efficiency as well as reduced gas utilization, the SkyActiv® technology is eagerly awaited by many.

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In fact, the Japanese manufacturer takes a fundamental principle, that of the explosion of an air/gas mixture in its purest form to maximize efficiency. At the same time, I advise that anyone who is interested should get in contact with Joe Myers Mazda to find out more details about the SkyActiv® system.

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