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ZAKTEK is the most trusted name in exterior and interior vehicle protection. They work with countless dealerships, just like us, to make sure that your car's paint and interior are maintained in pristine condition. How? Well, the secret is contained in ZAKTEK's specially formulated products, each one designed to protect a different part of your vehicle's interior and exterior. Your car does a lot for you. Make sure that you do just as much for it by protecting it with premium products.

ZAKTEK isn't just any run of the mill protectant. You're going to get industrial-strength protection against the elements that might destroy your interior's upholstery or your exterior's pain. Your car's appearance has a lot of enemies. Read on to find out how ZAKTEK protects you.

Benefits of ZAK Protection

Keeping the interior of your vehicle pristine helps your car to retain value. You want a clean interior, and also wish to add protection against weathering of materials like leather or cloth. ZAKTEK products form a strong barrier against all the things that cause your interior to age prematurely. Keep your dash, seats, armrests, and upholstery in tip-top condition with the power of ZAKTEK products.

Next up is your vehicle's exterior. When left out in certain types of weather, your car's paint will rapidly oxidize. By the time you notice the damage, it's too late to do anything about it. Don't let that happen. Thanks to ZAKTEK products like Maximum tire shine, Headlight Restoration Kit, and Maximum Suds Car Wash, your exterior is always going to look its best. That means that your vehicle will retain more of its value.

One powerful product you should take a look at is ZAKTEK Ultimate Appearance Package. If you want to keep your vehicle shining through and through, it's going to step up to the plate and prevent damage on all fronts. The polymer-based application is used by dealerships around the country to protect your vehicle, and you can even purchase a package from our dealership if you want to. Remember that your car has a lot of enemies! The exterior is susceptible to things like ultraviolet rays, salt, and detergent, and over time, it can cause your exterior paint to wear away or oxidize. Don't let that happen. Depend on our dealership for the ZAKTEK Ultimate Appearance Package.

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What Makes ZAK Products Different?

Many other brands of protectants use subpar ingredients that just aren't strong enough to battle the elements your interior and exterior are up against. ZAKTEK uses only premium ingredients, the toughest on the planet, to protect the appearance of your vehicle. A single bottle is going to last a lot longer than those cheaper brands that cut corners. Over time, you actually save money and get stronger protection at the same time. It also helps lubricate moving parts as well and keeps your moving components in tougher condition as well, away from the corrosive forces that so often destroy them.

ZAK Products Available at Joe Myers Mazda

When you purchase a vehicle from Joey Myers Mazda, we make it a breeze to upgrade to ZAKTEK protection. You can visit us here in Houston, Texas, to get a full ZAKTEK line of protection. Call or stop by today to inquire.

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