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When to Service & Replace Your Mazda Tires

Give your tires the attention they deserve with regular service at Joe Myers Mazda. Watch this video to learn more!

Want to cruise down the road comfortably without having to worry about a tire blowout? Tire service will give you the peace of mind you need, protecting you and your vehicle from harm's way. Skipping tire service presents a variety of risks, including uneven tire wear, premature tire replacement, and damage to the suspension and transmission.

If you've been looking for a reputable Houston tire service center, schedule an appointment with us online today! We offer great prices on new Mazda tires and tire-related services. 

When to Schedule Service at a Tire Shop in Houston

Mazda Tire Service in Houston

As we said above, skipping tire service increases the likelihood that you'll experience a problem with your tires. However, if balancing, alignment, and rotation are done throughout the year, you can mitigate these dangers. 

Rotation decreases the time it takes for the tread to wear down. Due to the weight distribution and drive system of your car, as well as road conditions, tires don't all wear out the same. That's why they must be rotated around every 6,000 to 8,000 miles.

Balancing helps even out the weight of the tire, which can lead to reduced control and comfort when driving on the highway, while alignment checks ensure the wheels in line with one another. If you haven't had these services performed for a while, visit our tire shop in Houston for expert workmanship!

Another procedure you should perform at least once a month is an air pressure check-up. The ideal psi for your car's tires can be found in the manual for your Mazda. Underinflation can cause damage your tires, reduce your fuel economy and potentially result in a blowout.

Signs of Tire Wear and Tear

It is also important to know when to replace Mazda tires. The average life of a tire is five years, although this varies based on driving behavior. Also, keep in mind that tires should not be used for more than 10 years!

However, this doesn't mean that your tires are immune to damage. Extreme weather and rough conditions can result in a variety of tire problems, which will need to be corrected right away if they occur. Symptoms to watch for as you drive your car are:

  • Drifting or pulling
  • Cracked rubber
  • Marks on the sidewalls
  • Vibration at highway speeds
  • Low tread, especially if it reveals the tread-wear indicators
  • Bulges and blisters on your tires

Local Tire Shop Near Me

The certified mechanics at Joe Myers Mazda know how to handle all aspects of tire service. Whether you are in need of tire repair in Houston or a new set of Michelin, Bridgestone or Goodyear tires, make our service center your go-to location. The safety of you and your passengers is of the utmost importance, so if there is a problem, we will fix it and get you back on the road in no time!


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