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Mazda Brake Pad Inspection in Houston

Brakes need care and maintenance to continue functioning properly. To learn about the signs of worn down brakes, watch this video from our brake shop in Houston.

Your brakes keep you safe on the road, so why not return the  favor? We cannot stress enough the importance of routine brake inspections. Whether you are starting to encounter issues with your vehicle's brakes or you've just put on a lot of mileage since your last maintenance check, we recommend you schedule a service appointment right away.

The Importance of Brake Maintenance

Regardless of how well you treat your brakes, the different hardware will wear out over time--it's just an inevitable fact of car ownership. That's why it is so necessary to bring your vehicle into our service center in Houston for regular inspections every 12,000 miles or so. Our certified service technicians will examine every part of your vehicle's braking system to ensure it is functioning correctly, and will perform any necessary fixes or replacements on the spot.

If you are already experiencing problems with your brakes, it's even more critical for you to come see us right away! Putting off a brake pad replacement or another necessary fix can lead to costly damage. It also puts you at a higher risk for a collision.

Signs Your Brakes Need Repair

If your brakes are making an odd noise or feel a little bit off, your vehicle may be due for some brake maintenance! Here are some common signs to look out for:

Brake Service in Houston
  • The brake warning has lit up on your information cluster
  • The brake pedal is touching the floor and feels loose or spongy
  • Applying the brakes causes your steering wheel to vibrate
  • When braking, you hear a screeching, grinding or squealing sound
  • More force is required to brake

If you are experiencing any of the above headaches, it's time to head over to Joe Myers Mazda! Our full-fledged service center is well-equipped to diagnose and repair all types of brake problems. Plus, we  offer brake service coupons to help reduce the cost of hefty repairs.

For more information about our service center, call or contact us! We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon.



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