Mazda Battery Service in Houston

Is It Time to Replace Your Car Battery?

How old is your battery? How do you know if you need a new one? Learn more about car batteries in this short video.

The battery of your Mazda serves several important functions. It starts the engine and powers the fuel system and in-car electronics, so it's important that the battery is in good working condition! Without regular battery service in Houston, you could experience surprise battery failure, leaving you with a non-functioning car. 

What's Included In Battery Service

The service center at Joe Myers Mazda is prepared to give your car comprehensive battery care! We recommend receiving battery service yearly to ensure optimal performance. The maintenance items that fall under battery service include:

Mazda Battery Service in Houston

Cleaning the Battery Terminals

A battery corrodes over its lifetime, which leaves an acidic residue on the casing. Without regular cleaning, this corrosion can shorten the life of your battery and damage your car. During a battery service appointment, a service technician will clean your battery and apply protectant to minimize the effects of corrosion.

Battery Cable End Inspection & Replacement

Battery cable ends need to be inspected annually to ensure they are in good working order! Otherwise, they may cause premature damage to your battery, causing you to need car battery replacement near me a lot sooner than expected.

Diagnostic Test

A diagnostic test can determine the health of the battery and estimate how much longer your battery will last. It can also predict the temperature extremes at which your battery may fail, an important factor to consider during the summer months.

Changing a Car Battery

Every three to five years, the battery of your Mazda should be replaced. Older batteries are at risk for failure!

Signs It's Time for a Battery Replacement

There are several signals that your battery may send before it completely gives out. Avoid battery failure by checking for problems and bringing in your car to Joe Myers Mazda for immediate service if you notice these signs:

  • Engine cranks slowly
  • Check battery light appears on your dashboard
  • Battery casing is swollen
  • Low battery fluid levels

Once you recognize one or more of these problems, schedule an appointment online with our auto repair center in Houston. We can inspect your vehicle and determine what the best solution is for your battery problems.

Mazda Car Battery Replacement Near Me

Is it time for a new Mazda battery? Skip the trip to the discount battery stores and head to Joe Myers Mazda! Not only will you find a great selection of premium new car batteries, you'll also see that we offer competitive pricing on a variety of brands.


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