Summer Maintenance Tips  

Maintaining your car is key to making it last longer and operate better when you're preparing to use it more during the summer season. Your car requires proper maintenance to keep it in check as you use it to take road trips or day trips during the warmer months of the year. Our dealership in Houston will ensure you get the maintenance you need to avoid potential issues under the hood.

Change the Oil

The oil is one of the main parts of your car that needs to be changed out to ensure your engine operates without potential problems. As the blood of the engine, the oil can have a lack of flow due to the hot temperatures outside. Replacing the oil early on will ensure it's ready for long-distance driving. A mechanic can also change out the oil filter if it's clogged to help the oil last longer.

Replace the Tires

Your tires may need to be changed out if you notice they're bald and are wearing down with the tread. It's also important to check the tire pressure based on the manufacturer's recommendations. If the tires don't have enough air, your car will consume a lot more fuel as it operates, especially when driving long distances. During the summer, the tires don't always have as much air because of the heat that is present outside. Adding more air will provide better operation and can prevent the tires from wearing down quicker.

Test the Battery

Perform a test of your battery to get an idea of how much longer it'll last. The battery can die a lot quicker in humid and warm settings, making it necessary to inspect and test it before you hit the road. The battery may need to be replaced if it's around three years old because this is when it's reaching the end of its lifespan.

Top off the Fluids

Adding more coolant to your engine will help the parts stay cool as your vehicle drives for extended periods of time in high temperatures. You'll also want to add more wiper fluid to stay safe by improving your visibility outside the windshield. A mechanic can also add more steering fluid and transmission fluid.

Contact our service department today to schedule an appointment to have maintenance performed on your car for the summer season. We're here to help get your car ready for your summer travels in the coming months.