As we bid summer farewell, fall is welcoming us with its balmy breezes and moderate weather. While it’s easy for us to adjust to seasonal changes, our cars don’t have it as easy. If you own a Mazda, here are some expert suggestions on how to keep your vehicle operating at peak efficiency this autumn.

Check Your Battery

Car batteries can be fickle. With intense weather changes, they become even more prone to fussy behavior. As a layman, it can be hard to determine if your battery is in tip-top shape or not. With that said, visit us at Joe Myers Mazda, and we’ll take a peek under the hood for you.

Check Your Oil

Your car’s engine can’t run properly with old oil bogging it down. It’s for this reason why oil changes play a pivotal role in your car’s lifespan. To improve your Mazda’s performance, change the oil when notified. A combination of cooler weather and bad oil could be the kiss of death for your vehicle.

Check Your Tires

Is the pressure in your tires low? Do they look more worn than usual? If so, a thorough examination is warranted. In most cases, adding pressure to the tires and realigning the wheels does the trick. Our technicians will handle these affairs when you swing by our maintenance shop.

Check Your Wipers

Wipers have an expiration date as well. Over time, they become dull and no longer serve their purpose. During the fall, rain, snow, and hail occur. In these instances, having your wipers working correctly will keep you out of harm's way.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit us at Joe Myers Mazda. Both our mechanics and sales associates are equipped to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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