Mazda's "i-stop" technology is designed to make their vehicles more fuel-efficient, but while it does do its job well enough, not everyone is a fan of this feature. For those who aren't in the know or who haven't driven a new Mazda vehicle lately, i-stop is an idling stop feature that temporarily shuts off the car's engine when it comes to a stop. The engine is quickly turned on again when the car is ready to start moving.

How Does Idling Stop Work?

To give you an idea of how this works, imagine that you drive up to a red light at an intersection. Usually, you just hit the brakes and let your engine idle until the light turns green, but a car with the i-stop feature will actually shut off its engine once you come to a complete stop. Once the light turns green and you're ready to go, the engine turns itself on again just in time for you to drive through the intersection.

Mazda Engine Block

As you can imagine, this does cut down on fuel consumption quite a bit, but anyone who has driven an older or unreliable car knows how nerve-wracking it is to have a vehicle suddenly die in the middle of an intersection. If you're not comfortable with the i-stop feature, that's exactly how you will feel when you come to a stop. Most drivers can probably get used to it, but some would rather not.

How to Turn Off Idling Stop?

If you don't like the idea of having your engine come to a complete halt at every intersection, you can press the "i-stop OFF" button that should be located on your vehicle's dashboard. This will let your engine idle at red lights and stop signs. The feature won't be disabled permanently - you will have to press the button on every car trip - but that's a small price to pay if you don't like the i-stop feature.

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