Mazda Brings Relief to Hurricane Victims

As Houston and other areas in the Gulf Coast recover from the devastation caused by the catastrophic hurricanes that hit the region, Mazda has stepped in, bringing reinforcements to help provide support and give local communities relief.

With your help, the Mazda Foundation (USA), Inc. and Mazda North America Operations have donated $200,000 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief fund. If you would like to donate to this effort, we ask that you donate directly to the American Red Cross.

In addition, Mazda has made their customers a priority, and wants to make this difficult time less traumatic. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, Mazda is providing several services. Ranging from working with your insurance company on your behalf to scheduling vehicle pickups you may need. Everyone knows that when a crisis hits we all have to work together to bring security back to the community. Whether you need to run errands, make appointments or pick up your children, Mazda has made a fleet of courtesy vehicles available to customers for whatever the circumstance may be.*

Understanding that there may be issues weighing heavily on your shoulders, Mazda is also deferring payments for up to 90 days for those who have been affected by these disastrous times.** View new Mazda cars and SUVs for sale in Houston if you would like to take advantage of this incentive while it’s available.

We hope these efforts will improve, restore and heal those who have been affected.

*Mazda loaner vehicles are subject to dealer discretion and availability. **Deferred payments on select models for 90 days with approved credit. Loan origination fees may apply. Interest, if applicable, accrues from contract day. Deferred payments available on purchased vehicles only. Must take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 1/2/2018.

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