Mazda Connect

The many technological advancements that exist in the world today have also taken the car industry by storm. Since a large percentage of people around the world use a smartphone, it makes sense that cars will be equipped to handle this technology. There are many ways in which the world stays connected today, and that's precisely why Mazda Connect exists. It's a modern feature that enables you to optimize the use of technology while staying safe on the road.

Mazda Connect Features

The availability of systems for connectivity isn't a unique concept, and most major car manufacturers provide them. Mazda Connect is unique because it offers the standard connectivity, yet so much more, including an abundance of features. It's called an infotainment system and can include a wide range of information, such as speed, fuel usage, RPM, and navigation, all in a way that's conveniently displayed. Safety should always be a top priority when driving, and it's crystal clear that operating a phone can be unsafe. The entertainment component of Mazda Connect is important because it allows you to enjoy different technologies safely and doesn't create a distraction. This is especially the case for different mobile applications that are on your smartphone.

How It Works

Using Mazda Connect is easy because it leverages the power of wireless hands-free technology to ensure your phone is able to sync with the system. It's user-friendly, and connecting doesn't require you to be technically inclined or have specialized knowledge. When accessing the display screen, you'll see a variety of features, such as music, messaging and maps. It's also intuitive, which means it guides you along the way. The best part is that all functions available through Mazda Connect are accessible and controlled through voice recognition technology, which is why safety is optimal. Something else that's important to note is that all Mazda models are equipped with Mazda Connect. That means any Mazda vehicle that you choose can have Mazda Connect installed if it isn't already. Since Mazda Connect can be installed in any model, you can choose the vehicle that you want at any price point and still have access to the latest connectivity technology. Our aim is always to ensure your safety.

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