Springtime with Mazda

As the last of winter fades away with melting snow and ice, it is now time to prepare for spring weather. Once the season changes, drivers need to prepare for the post-winter roads. Many people may not realize this is an important part of maintenance for their vehicle.

Brake Inspection

Winter road conditions with snow and ice can take a toll on a vehicle's brakes. Driving on ice and over roads with salt can cause brakes to decrease in functionality. If a vehicle's brakes make any unusual sounds, it is important to have them checked.

Underbody Wash

The bottom of a car could have significant amounts of sand as well as salt and other grime after driving in winter conditions for months. If this isn't cleaned, it could cause a vehicle to have rust problems. This could make a vehicle more difficult to resell as well as dangerous to drive. Many car wash places will offer undercarriage power wash. It is important to give the vehicle’s underbody a thorough spring cleaning.

Replace Wiper Blades

Springtime conditions often provide serious weather involving rain. Having a set of wiper blades in good condition can help during spring and summer rains. It is an important part of making a vehicle as safe as possible to drive.

Tire Pressure

It is important to make certain a vehicle's tires are properly inflated. Driving in cold weather can cause a vehicle's tires to become under-inflated. The switch to warm weather could cause them to become overinflated. A visual inspection should be made of the tires to make certain they have an even wear. They will also need to have a good amount of tread left for driving during the warm months.

Vehicle Alignment

It is important to check and see how a vehicle moves when its steering wheel is centered. If the vehicle is unable to drive straight and moves to one side for the other, it is time to get the vehicle's alignment inspected. This problem can the result from driving in rough winter conditions and hitting potholes, ice patches and more. Getting this fixed will make certain a vehicle's tires do not prematurely wear out.

Thoroughly Clean

Sand and salt have been known to cause problems with a vehicle's paint. Once the winter time is completely over, it is time to give a vehicle a thorough cleaning. After thoroughly washing the outside, it should be waxed with a liquid wax or paste. It is important to clean the bottom of the doors. They can also become coated with grime. Cleaning the window channel is also recommended. It should be done using a spray that repels dirt and lubricates the surface. This will help the windows maintain the ability to be clear. Removing all the salt, sand, and grime from the inside could be done with a rug cleaner. Salt breaks down fabric and makes it more likely to tear.

Fluid Levels

Driving in winter weather will deplete different fluids in a vehicle. This is especially true for windshield wiper fluid. As warm weather approaches, it is the coolant and other fluids that will help a vehicle maintain the proper temperature. The proper fluid levels can be found in a vehicle's manual.

The Professionals At Joe Myers Mazda Are Here To Help

Doing what is necessary after the winter months to make a vehicle as safe as possible to drive is important. It could prevent a vehicle from experiencing a lot of potential damage. It’s possible for someone to do what they can on their own to prepare their vehicle for warm weather. It’s also possible to take a vehicle to a professional. It doesn't matter, the important thing is that springtime vehicle preparation gets done.

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