Mazda is ever vigilant about adding advanced safety features to its vehicles, all for very cost-effective prices. Why? Well, if you don't have a safe car, it doesn't matter how beautiful and luxurious the vehicle is. An unsafe car is never a luxury vehicle. Thankfully, Mazda implements i-ACTIVSENSE, a super advanced series of features that makes every Mazda model safer and ever more easy to drive out there on the road. While there's not enough room here to cover all of the features of i-ACTIVSENSE, we'll go over the most advanced of the features to give you a general idea of just how well Mazda is doing safety these days.

How Does Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE Work?

The series of features included as "i-ACTIVSENSE" include:
  • AFS: Automatically points your low-beams toward areas your steering for a more accurate and clear vision of the road ahead of you
  • HBC: Automatic switching of high and low beams, for the clearest view of the road possible, especially in dark driving conditions
  • RVM: Lets you know if vehicles are approaching within a certain distance behind you, for a better understanding of the type of traffic conditions you're driving in
  • Acceleration Control for AT: If you accidentally push the accelerator, the vehicle can "sense" this and can help correct the mistake so that you don't suddenly lurch forward and hit someone in a car ahead of you
  • SCBS&SBS: Technology that both reduces the risk of a frontal collision and then minimizes damages if such a collision occurs.

All of these features are part of the exclusive suite of features involved in Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE. As you can see, it's a suite of features designed to do things automatically that give you clearer driving conditions, and then of course, actively prevent bad accidents or accidents on the road that can severely put your life at risk as well as the life of those you love. It's pre-safety features that prevent accidents and then active safety features that help you to minimize damage in the event of an accident. In other words, it's everything that Mazda has to offer you that is going to prevent these types of accidents and give you a better view of the road as you travel along. So many of these features are automatic, and that's fortunate for most drivers, who don't want to have to be actively involved in safety features. It's convenient and also secures you the advantage of automatic technology that just makes driving clearer and easier.

Learn More About This

If you're interested in Mazda models that feature i-ACTIVSENSE, it's time to give us a call today and inquire about which models you want to be looking at. Our test drives feature all of your questions answered out on the road, and then of course, you can see how the more active features of this system work and improve your driving experience. We invite you to contact our dealership today with any questions you have! Our friendly team of salespeople will always be there for you, to answer your questions about Mazda models that feature i-ACTIVSENSE and other advanced systems on Mazda models. A test drive is always the best way to get a feel for whether or not a car is right for you. Call us today.

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